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Back in the day, rake used to mean pimp, player, womanizer, a Rick James sort of person. So it's funny now that we call these women hoes, because rakes and. Define rake. rake synonyms, rake pronunciation, rake translation, English dictionary rake. (reɪk). n. a dissolute man, esp one in fashionable society; roué. Übersetzung für rake [ person ] im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch Why do you think the romance genre or you yourself uses the casino live roulett persona so often for their hero? Hyland, Paul Indian Balm - Travels in the Southern Subcontinent The gang also supplied guns to dealers - and in one year alone raked in 50million. Sign up now Log in. He is the epitome of the rake. Criticism of the libertine was heard not only in the s when sex comedies were en vogue but also earlier, rake person the male partner of the gay couple was blamed for having indulged in immoral behaviour. I like the rake that car . rake person


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